Customs clearance of inbound Import Customs Clearance.
When a product reaches the destination country Importers are required to bring a written list of imported goods and the customs authorities of the importing country. The goods to be imported, it can not be imported legally. Until the product is delivered to the port of destination. With permission from the customs authorities of that country. Import duties and taxes have been paid already only. The importer is responsible for the preparation of documents to the customs authorities to monitor and take the goods out of the port or airport of destination.
For the United States to import, be it by plane, by boat or by car to the CPL provides clearance. Clear duties and taxes And represent you in and out of. CPL consultation in matters of taxes and import duties on all types. Allows you to clear the goods Whether a product goods Hotspur at TIS., TISI, FDA license or imported. Product categories Toys electronics Cosmetics, watches, car and motorcycle spare parts and so on.
Documents used to estimate the clearance + taxes and import duties in preliminary.


2.Packing List




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