Welcome to our Company offers shipping clearance for export. To abroad and imports as well as through its various services and freight cars, domestic home appliances, transport equipment in the old house to the new house. It is very tiring and it is very tiring. It will gradually collect all the pieces of the old house. And moving into a new home to be completed. It took me a little of late. As well as to supply labor and the vehicle used to transport. But now you are moving house. You may not be so tired that I was coming. Just use Of. Moving Mai, we can handle various tasks. Your completed easily by a team of experts. Service is friendly Affordable as you think. You just call out We provide advice on the transposition of you.

Best price based on distance.

Friendly Uncle John

our service

Moving home, dorm, office
Moving Services Office Furniture
Moving Equipment Exhibition.
Taxi service to transport
Packaging Service
Appraisers free transport


  Type of vehicle service

  • Pickup 4WD High roof
  • six-wheel car roof
                                                                               Safe, comfortable save

    Both in Bangkok and around the country.

    The transport

    Collect items that are small boxes or bags to be proportional.
    In the case of transport in the refrigerator, out of the box, put it aside, and unplug defrosting.
    Separate items to be moved out of unwanted items.
    Call to service providers as well as information on the list of preferred destinations, including transport detail.
    If you want to move a lot. You may be asked to provide an estimate of the lot in this case. Service providers often made without charge.

our service

                        Service container load and full container (L CL).
       1.Freight Shipping Services
       2.Service fees for air freight
       3.Document services Customs About export and import.
       4.Insurance Products
       5.Through its various services
       6.Transport within the country by car.
  The Company has a team with experience in this field. For a long time To advise and guide the export and import of goods, whether it is on the side. delivery Supply The documents used in the export and import of various goods.

Steps in the operation of our company.

  When customers contact us and we agree to use the services the company offers transfer customers to purchase products, according to sources within Chiang Mai. Whether the area Handicraft and handicraft center dedicated to Chiang Mai, Lamphun, or craft center or ceramics, Lampang and the neighborhood where you want to purchase when you order it. Simply put the bill to purchase one set of the company, we will continue to liaise with all the company's stores. You will pick up the goods on store products completed on schedule to complete. The inspection will be conducted through the warehouse to pack the goods. We will pack the appropriate product. Whether packed with cartons, corrugated cardboard, wooden crates beaten, wrapped in a bubble. We will look at the safety of the product is already on the pack. We will schedule the delivery. Whether by boat or by plane to inform the customer via e-mail is written again, along with a photo of you both before and after the product package. When goods are being transported, the company will send the document to the client. To clear the goods delivered by the end of the DHL Express to pay for it. If a shipment is sent out to the customer will have to pay fees to the Company, before the shipment will be sent out before the company. The documents will be sent to clear the goods only.



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